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Environmental cooperation and green exports

The international activities are overall aimed at putting Danish knowledge and environmental technology competencies into use to ensure a better global environment and promote the export of Danish environmental solutions.


Agreements on environmental cooperation

Denmark has established formal agreements on environmental cooperation with both India, China, Vietnam and Russia. The agreements are signed by the responsible ministers and facilitates the exchange of ideas, knowledge and technological solutions. There are similar agreements with local or regional authorities i.a. Chongqin in China and the City of St. Petersburg.

The funds granted for projects abroad  and partnerships  should be seen as a follow-up on the agreements on environmental cooperation. In addition, there are continuous contacts with delegations from the respective countries who visit Denmark to hear more about our solutions.

See the existing agreements below.

Signe Kromann-Rasmussen

Phone: +45 7254 4224

Lotte Kau Andersen

Phone: +45 7254 4291

Michael Rasmussen

Phone: +45 7254 4548