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Ecoinnovation projects and cases

Here is collected a series of cases with focus on results from eco innovation projects funded by the Danish Ministry of Environment i the period 2008 - 2014. 

Kvinde der maler

New wood protector reduces environmental impacts

Dyrup A/S, has developed and completely new type of sustainable and environmentally friendly wood protector which is just as good as the old oil-based products.

Ærøfærge ny tilpasset

New filter removes 93% of dangerous particles from ships

The filter has been developed by the manufacturing company Dinex A/S. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and the ferry company Ærøfærgerne,

Ballastvand ny tilpasset

New system cleans ballast water at a lower price

The Danish company, Bawat A/S has developed a system to clean ballast water while the ship is at sea.

Billede _Semistaal -ny -tilpasset

New system cleans industrial packaging 90% more efficiently

The Danish company SEMI-STAAL A/S has developed a system which can clean returned packaging from industrial enterprises using considerably less water than other systems, and less than a tenth of the normal energy consumption.

Aquaporin Peter Nørby ny tilpasset

Foto: Peter Nørby

A new membrane can extract clean water from polluted fluids

For a number of years, the Danish company Aquaporin A/S has been developing a membrane which, using a natural protein, can extract clean water from polluted fluids such as sewage.

In 2005 a phampleth was published with 9 good examples of how ecoinnovation can contribute to reduction of environmental impact.

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Other examples of ecoinnovation