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  • Ecoinnovation


A partnership is a strategic cooperation between relevant parties, for example companies, governments, organizations and institutes of knowledge, in order to:

  • Develop the interactions between regulation and development of environmentally efficient technology,
  • further the export of Danish environmental technology, or
  • strengthen the Danish environmental technology cluster.

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International activities and environmental technology export

The international activities aims at utilizing Danish knowledge and expertise to secure a better global environment and promote the export of danish environmental solutions.

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Ecoinnovation projects

Here you can find case stories based on finalized eco innovation projects.

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Ecoinnovation strategy and action plans

The Danish action plan for promoting eco-efficient technology  - in English.

Environmental technologies:
any technology, that either directly or indirectly improves the environment. It includes technologies for limiting pollution with the held of cleaning, more environmentally friendly products and production processes, more efficient energy and ressource management as well as technological systems that reduce the environmental impact.

Examples include e.g. technology flue gas cleaning, wind turbines, water treatment, enzymes for animal feed and washing powder, biofuel production, energy-efficient pumps and substitution of chemicals with more environmentally friendly solutions.

Danish Lessons

Danish lessons is a series of short articles and background document, explaining how we have dealt with environmental problems over the past decades. 

Danish lesson cover the topics: air, municipal waste and water & wastewater.

The series is in English and in some cases the articles are translated into Chinese.

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