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Partnership agreement on

The opportunity for entering into a partnership agreement with the Danish Ministry of the Environment on the Ministry's eco-innovation website at  is open for all companies, organisations, institutions, and associations working with eco-efficient technology and meeting the conditions for partnership.

The website on eco-innovation was established by the Ministry of the Environment as an independent English-language website with its own frontpage and name. The website should be seen in the context of the parallel process of preparing the Government's action plan for eco-efficient technology, which is expected to be completed by the end of spring 2006. There is a link on the Ministry's main website going directly to the eco-innovation website.

The purpose of a partnership

The purpose of offering partnerships with the Ministry of the Environment is to:

  • promote dialogue with businesses, researchers and other stakeholders on how technological efforts may contribute most efficiently to solving a number of environmental problems,
  • render visible stakeholders who contribute actively to the process of furthering a technological approach to environmental problems,
  • promote knowledge about the overall eco-technological efforts of industry, organisations, ministries etc., thus revealing the potentials of eco-efficient technology, and
  • enable partners to discuss and comment on selected topics, for instance draft reports, ideas for initiatives, etc.

What are the benefits of partnerships?

Partners may for instance:

  • contribute to strengthening Danish efforts to promote eco-efficient technology,
  • enhance the visibility of their own activities within environment
  • be in dialogue with the Ministry of the Environment by contributing inputs to the process e.g. voicing an opinion,
  • be entitled to use the Ministry's Eco-innovation Logo on their own websites, stationary, etc. as evidence of their partnership with the Ministry on environmental technology.

Conditions for becoming a partner

Partnerships are entered into with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment and on the following conditions:
Being a partner entails:

  • participating in work to disseminate knowledge,
  • actively supporting efforts to solve environmental problems through technological innovation and specific contributions to the efforts,
  • entering into dialogue with the Ministry of the Environment on how ecoefficient technology can be promoted and applied.

The partner shall be obliged to:

  • submit contributions to the website, cf. the examples below. Contributions must be approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency,
  • accept that contributions must be approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, who will assess whether they are relevant and suitable for the purpose,
  • submit contributions in English,
  • prepare contributions at their own cost, and
  • observe the Danish Environmental Protection Act and other environmental legislation. Moreover, partners must not be involved in unsettled environmental cases before the courts or in enforcement notices from the authorities that have not been complied with in due time. The partner is also obliged to notify the Danish Environmental Protection Agency should any such matters arise. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency will then assess whether the partnership should be suspended/cancelled.

The Ministry of the Environment shall be obliged to:
list the names of partners on the website,

  • mention the efforts of partners on the website,
  • show the logo of partners so requesting on the website,
  • publish partner contributions on the website, e.g. contributions in the form of business-cases, opinions posted for debate, etc.,
  • provide the partner with access to a specially designed 'Eco-innovation Partner' logo for use on the partner's own website.

Accountability for contributions from partners

Partners shall be accountable for the contributions they make, including the nature of the material they submit for publication on the Ministry of the Environment's website. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency/the Ministry of the Environment shall not be liable for the content of contributions from partners, (irrespective of the assessment these contributions receive before they are approved).

Examples of how partners may contribute

Partners may for instance:

  • prepare a well-documented business case (1-3 A4 pages) to be presented on the website, describing how environmental problems have been solved by the use of technology, including environmental effect achieved, technological solution, and economic effect. The material should be accompanied by relevant photos,
  • prepare material for debate or dialogue, informing about ongoing technology development with environment-related potentials,
  • invite other relevant stakeholders, for instance companies, research institutions and the like, to take part in the partner's own development projects or development projects supported by the EU,
  • initiate Danish participation in EU projects, for instance by setting up a project group, writing applications, coordinating possible projects etc.,
  • take part in EU technology platforms or other environmental-technology initiatives and share their knowledge with others via the website, or
  • organise a meeting or conference about eco-efficient technology (for instance workshops, after-work meetings, or sector-specific conferences).

Many other types of contributions are also possible. Please contact the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to discuss other ideas.


The Danish Environmental Protection Agency may without notice and without further explanation cancel the Eco-innovation Partner scheme, discontinue the website, and thus cancel all partnerships. If so, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency will notify the partners via email.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency may without notice cancel individual partnerships, if the conditions for said partnership are no longer met, including remove the partner's logo and contributions from the website and order the partner to stop using the partnership logo.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency may also cancel a partnership if a partner has committed particularly serious violations of the law.

When a partnership is cancelled, the partner's rights will lapse, including access to use of the logo. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has the right to remove a partner's contributions and logo from the website.

Entering into a partnership

A partnership may be entered into when the conditions mentioned above are met and the applicant has submitted its first contribution, which the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has approved.

Application for partnership on the conditions mentioned above must be submitted together with the applicant's contribution to the environmental technology agenda via the email address Obfuscated Email.

A partnership has been established when the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has approved the contribution and has sent notification hereof to the new partner, including a file containing the eco-innovation logo.

Hvad er miljøteknologi?

Miljøeffektive teknologier (grønne teknologier) er teknologier, der direkte eller indirekte forbedrer miljøet. Det kan både være rensnings-teknologier, mere miljøvenlige produkter, processer og teknologiske systemer samt mere effektiv håndtering af ressourcer. 

Eksempler kan være røggasrensning, vandrensning, enzymer til dyrefoder og vaskepulver, energibesparende pumper og miljøvenlige alternativer til problematiske kemikalier.

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