Danish enterprises focus on sustainability

Publiceret 22-03-2006

A large groupe of Danish enterprises have established "The Danish Council for Sustainable Business development".
The council will highlight the work on sustainablitiy among Danish enterprises and motivate an enhanced effort in the area of sustainability.

After more than a years preparatory work nineteen enterprises in coorperation with Key2Green have established a new association: " The Danish Council for Sustainable Business Development" during a founding general meeting held at Danisco A/S.
The primary aims of the Council will be;
- to render visible concepts and tools within sustainable business development to the benefit of competitiveness and retability of enterprises on Danish and global markeds.
- to share new Danish and International knowledge and tools, inspire Danish businesses to work with sustainable development and to participate in the public debate on the subject.
- to encourage the establishment of public and private partnerships with the aim of promoting sustainable products.
More information please contact:
Niels Due Jensen, Chairman, Grundfos, phone +45 87 50 14 00
Søren Hjuler Vogelsang, Vice chairman,  Danisco A/S phone +45 32 66 20 00
Susanne Backer, Head of Secretariat, Key2Green, Phone +45 72 11 33 71, http://www.key2green.dk

A list of companies that are members of the Council can be found at http://www.key2green.dk (danish only)

Environmental technologies

Any technology, that either directly or indirectly improves the environment. It includes technologies for limiting pollution with the held of cleaning, more environmentally friendly products and production processes, more efficient energy and ressource management as well as technological systems that reduce the environmental impact.

Examples include e.g. technology flue gas cleaning, wind turbines, water treatment, enzymes for animal feed and washing powder, biofuel production, energy-efficient pumps and substitution of chemicals with more environmentally friendly solutions.