Here you find a gathering of relevant publications and reports regarding environment technology.

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List of completed projects from 2007 to present 

Danish lesson - articles on Danish environmental technology solutions (waste & water)

Link to the latest Danish State of Environment report (in Danish)

Link to the latest European State of Environment Report (SOER)


Environmental technology on the move - 9 companies show the way , Danish Ministry for the Environment, May 2011, (PDF)


The Danish action Plan 2010 - 2011, Environmental technology - for improvement of environment and growth, The Danish Government, February 2010, (PDF, 4000  kb)

Identification and assessment of alternatives to selected phthalates , Danish EPA 2010, project no. 1341

Mercury – Reductions are feasible: Reducing mercury releases with known technologies and management solutions , Nordic Council of Ministers, 2010 (English and Chinese version)


Danish solutions to global environmental challenges - the government's action plan for promoting eco-efficient technology, July 2007

Environmental policy and Corporate behaviour , OECD 2007


Green Technology Foresight about Environmentally Friendly Products and Materials (Working report No. 34, 2006), Danish EPA

ETAP - An Environmental Technologies Action Plan for the European Union , The European Commission. 


Joining technology, business & environment - 10 Danish enterprises show the way , Danish Ministry of the Environment, 2005


Green Technology Foresight on Environmentally Friendly Agriculture , Risø National Laboratory 2004: Executive summary

Environmental technologies

Any technology, that either directly or indirectly improves the environment. It includes technologies for limiting pollution with the held of cleaning, more environmentally friendly products and production processes, more efficient energy and ressource management as well as technological systems that reduce the environmental impact.

Examples include e.g. technology flue gas cleaning, wind turbines, water treatment, enzymes for animal feed and washing powder, biofuel production, energy-efficient pumps and substitution of chemicals with more environmentally friendly solutions.