Ecoinnovation subsidy scheme

The Danish Eco-Innovation Program features i.a. a subisidy scheme (In Danish: MUDP - Miljøteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprojekt) with a general focus on: Water; climate change adaptation; circular economy and recycling of waste; cleaner air; less noise; fewer hazardous chemicals; the industry's environmental performance; and ecological and sustainable construction.

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The subsidy scheme targets Danish companies (private and public); stakeholders; and institutions working with environmental technology.

The scheme is administered by the Danish EPA. In 2014 about 90 mio. DKK has been allocated for the purpose.

The scheme supports:

  • Development, testing and / or demonstration  of environmental technologies
  • Conducting technical feasibility studies prior to the development, testing or demonstration.

Download factsheet about the Danish Ecoinnovation Program and read more about program's background and framework here