Light house projects

Light house projects are larger investments that go further than the law prescribes in terms of environmental performance.

Light house projects should be seen as a help to pioneers working within in the environmental field. The aid remedies some of the economic uncertainties that are otherwise associated with the establishment of new projects. They thus provide an option to give funds to e.g. the establishment of facilities, and not only development, test and demonstration as is the norm. In addition, it is an opportunity to test promising technologies at full scale.

Thirteen light house projects have been launched under the Danish Eco-Innovation Program’s subsidy scheme.


Conversion of biomass to high value products through larval production

Biomass will be valorised through bioconversion to high value fish feed and a fertilisation product. The project focuses on the development and upscaling of larval production, whilst keeping waste production to a minimum.

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Climate adaptation of city centers

The project focuses on technology that enables climate adaptation of city centers and residential areas, whilst simultaneously improving air quality in the daylight hours when NOx pollution is a big issue.

Nitrification restricting fertiliser from sulphur purification of biogas

The project will establish technology to efficiently purify biogas of sulphur and produce a nitrification restricting fertilisation product (ammonium thiosulphat).

Future Water

This major Danish umbrella project focuses on the future challenges facing drinking water utilities. One of the important issues in the project is to pave the way for Danish export of both know-how and products related to water technology. The project works for a clean and sustainable drinking water supply worldwide.


Robot based treatment plant for bulky waste

Robots are to help ensure an optimal recycling of bulky waste by converting garbage into resources. The project will achieve significant environmental and commercial benefits that contribute to improving Danish competitiveness and creating green jobs.

Proactive Water Purification – amalgamation of knowledge in an innovative livelab

A live, mobile laboratory, Danish expertise and a holistic approach is to shift wastewater treatment from being reactive to proactive and future orientated.

An Energy Neutral Wastewater Treatment Plant

Biofos is collaborating with several partners in the project VARGA. The aim of the project is to transform waste into both valuable energy from biogas and simultaneously deliver a clean by-product, which can be used for fertilization purposes.

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Circle House – economic and environmental sustainability in construction

The construction industry is both resource demanding and produces large amounts of waste. A unique project will demonstrate sustainability in the construction industry under market conditions.

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From land to sea – test of land based emission solutions on ferries

Land-based transportation technologies are far ahead with environmentally friendly solutions. In this project, three different low-emission solutions are tested on-board Danish ferries in coastal waters. The aim is to reduce particle emissions by 98 % on all three ferries and catch up with the land-based technologies.

On-shore saltwater fish farm

In Hanstholm Sashimi Royal A/S the construction of the first module of a total of four is currently being carried out. Each module will have a production capacity of about 1,200 tonnes high quality fish per year. Juvenile Yellowtail Kingfish will swim in the plant in December 2016 (planned).

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Global water loss – Danish solutions

Two demonstration-projects will assemble Danish water conservation solutions in drinking water production plants, and path the way for exportation of everything from advice to holistic solutions. 

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Billund BioRefinery: The future of wastewater treatment plants

Billund BioRefinery combines environental technologies within waste water treatment and og biogas in one full-scale demonstration project.

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Picture: Courtesy of Billund BioRefinery.

Water Efficient Hospitals

This project consits of two sub-projects. The first - Health risks and potentials for new technology - aims to identify the need for development and test of Danish water technology within Domestic Hot Water Systems in hospitals.
In the second - Water conservation technology and use of reclaimed water - an examination of the hydrologic flows in Hvidovre hospital, Herlev hospital and Rigshopitalet was conducted.