Public/private partnerships for innovation

In future, the global market will increasingly demand more eco-efficient technological solutions, and Danish enterprises, knowledge institutions and authorities together hold many of the competencies required to develop these technologies.

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Experience has shown that innovation grows best when these competencies are exploited in a close interplay between enterprises themselves and between enterprises, researchers and public institutions. Therefore it is advantageous to bring different competencies together in binding strategic partnerships.

How is a partnership established?

There is no fixed formula for how a partnership for innovation is to be set up. It may vary from area to area and it very much depends on previous cooperation within the area. Existing partnerships include examples where a few central players join to set up a partnership (e.g. the partnership for biofuels), and where all the players in a specific area have openly been invited to take part (e.g. the water partnership).

Is it possible to join an established partnership?

If you are interested in joining an existing partnership, you should contact the secretariat of the relevant partnership (see the link to existing partnerships below). Some partnerships, or thematic tracks within a partnership, will still be open for new members, while others will have come so far in developing their common business concept that they are not in a position to accept new members.

What is the role of the authorities in the partnerships?

The authorities support the establishment of partnerships, by e.g. identifying areas in which the partnership model could have particular potential, by bringing relevant actors into play, and by providing financial support for the partnerships' secretariats. Moreover, as participants in partnerships, authorities contribute with knowledge about the future need for environmental technology solutions, i.e.:

• Expertise
• Knowledge about existing and future targets and regulations
• Knowledge about costs of choosing different solution methods (financial analyses)
• Analyses of demand for specific environment technologies

The authorities can also contribute with resources for testing and demonstration of the technological solutions developed within the partnership, and for research and development activities within the area identified for the partnerships. Finally, the authorities can contact national and international decision makers in the area to help ensuring easy access to markets.


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