Partnership for Ballast Water

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The partnership for ballast water was established in November 2009 and is a co-operation between the Nature Agency, Danish Maritime Authority and Danish Shipowners' Association, with the latter functioning as the secretariat. The partnership focuses on implementation of the Ballast Water Convention and is supported by funds from the Action Plan for Promoting Eco-efficient Technology.

The Ballast Water Convention, adopted under the auspices of the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO), aims to reduce the spread of invasive species, which among other things can cause diseases, affect bathing water, humans, fish, and ecosystems. The Convention requires that all ships, depending on the date of construction and ballast water capacity, either change their ballast water or treat it with approved equipment on board. From 2016, all ships must use ballast water treatment. Thus, there is a great need for development of technology and preparation of the administrative requirements for approval of equipment, inspection and handling of ballast water.

The Convention will enter into force 12 months after it has been ratified by 30 countries, which together registers 35% of the world's tonnage.

The partnership held its first meeting for stakeholders in April 2010. Stakeholders include shipping companies, classification societies, consultants, maritime schools, as well as companies and manufacturers of equipment and systems for ships.

Anyone with an interest in the Ballast Water Convention may participate in the partnership's activities. Among other things, a series of workshops are conducted during 2010 and 2011.

Read more about the Partnership for Ballast Water on the shipping association's website or contact the Secretariat, if you for example wish to sign up for the mailing list and receive regular information on the Partnership's activities.


Amaliegade 33
1256 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 3311 4088

Peter Wallbohm Olsen, Head of the Secretariat
Direct phone: +45 3348 9207

Responsible authorities:

Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Tolderlundsvej 5
5000 Odense C
Phone: 7254 4700

Ulrik Berggreen
Nature unit
Direct phone: +45 7254 4829
E-mail: Obfuscated Email

Danish Maritime Authority
Center for maritime regulation

Clea Henrichsen, M.Sc.
Direct phone: +45 3917 4531
E-mail: Obfuscated Email

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