Danish Soil Partnership – a partnership for the Danish soil remediation sector

The partnership is a collaboration between companies in soil remediation sector, Danish Regions and the Ministry of Environment.


Photo: Region Midtjylland


The partnership aims to mobilize and bring together stakeholders within the soil remediation sector in order to develop synergies, develop eco-efficient solutions, and create a foundation for increased export of technologies for soil remediation to a growing global market.

The Partnership's strategic objectives are to:
• support networking and cooperation among stakeholders working within the field of soil remediation
• draw attention to funding opportunities for the development and export of products and solutions
• promote the development of Danish products and solutions within soil remediation
• brand Danish products and solutions abroad

The partnership is for anyone working within the soil remediation sector. To follow the partnership’s work go to the open Linked-In group: “Danish Soil Partnership”.


The world is increasingly faced with challenges related to climate change adaptation and environmental degradation. Many parts of the world experience problems with access to safe drinking water, access to agricultural land, and consequences of increasing urbanization. In Denmark, we have solid experience in dealing with challenges related to soil contamination and remediation.


The partnership (DSP) was established in late 2013 and is funded to the end of 2015. The partnership is funded jointly by the Environmental Protection Agency and Danish Regions.

The Partnership's work can be followed electronically - see useful links at the bottom.

At www.stateofgreen.com companies and authorities can describe cases and indicate whether there are opportunities for visual inspection.