Partnership for wastewater in Chongqing Province, China

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The Partnership was established in August 2011 and is a co-operation between COWI Kina, the Danish Consulate in Chongqing and the Danish Environment Protection Agency. The Partnership aims to identify and develop new environmentally friendly production methods to the Chinese industry on waste water in Chinese municipality Chongqing.

The partnership will:
• Identify relevant polluting enterprises in Chongqing
• Conduct an environmental review of five companies, who work with metalworking, surface treatment or textile dyeing.
• Identify the potential for environmental improvements in water conservation and the introduction of cleaner technology, and selection of the technologies that can be supplied by Danish industry.
• Documentation of results in data sheets in Danish/English and Chinese for each type of industry that contribute to the Environmental Protection Agency's series of fact sheets on water and environment
• Screening of public wastewater treatment plants in Chongqing, in order to identify a relevant plant for testing of energy saving technology, optimisation of cleaning process, and possible include nitrate and phosphorus removal.
• Communicate the results on a seminar for each of the two selected sectors in connection with the Danish Water Days in Chongqing during November 2011.

COWI Kina functions as secretariat and facilitation of the Partnership. The Danish Ministry of the Environment supports the partnership with DKK 490,000 from the Environmental Technologies Action Plan (2010-2011).


In Chongqing, the aquatic environment in the rivers is greatly affected by the rapid industrialisation that is taking place. The Chinese authorities are therefore keen to develop methods and technology that can reduce water pollution in Chongqing.

Chongqing municipality is located approx. in the centre of China and inhabits 32 million people in an area that is approx. twice that of Denmark. It is estimated that 3.4 million people (2004) live in the urban area, making it the 10th largest city in China. Chongqing municipality is a centre of growth for Central China and the region had in 2010 an impressive growth rate of 17%. Construction of the Three Gorges Dam makes it possible for ships that weigh 10,000 tons to sail from Shanghai to Chongqing.

Contact for more information:

Jens Schultz Hansen
Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Technology
Direct phone: +45 7254 4522
E-mail: Obfuscated Email

Environmental technologies

Any technology, that either directly or indirectly improves the environment. It includes technologies for limiting pollution with the held of cleaning, more environmentally friendly products and production processes, more efficient energy and ressource management as well as technological systems that reduce the environmental impact.

Examples include e.g. technology flue gas cleaning, wind turbines, water treatment, enzymes for animal feed and washing powder, biofuel production, energy-efficient pumps and substitution of chemicals with more environmentally friendly solutions.