Results and cases

The solutions to the world's environmental challenges are largely dependent on development and application of new environment technologies. That is, technologies that directly or indirectly improve the environment. Here you can get more information on the results of the Danish environmental technology efforts.

Danish lessons

Danish Lessons is a series of short articles and background documents, explaining how we in Denmark have dealt with environmental problems over the past decades. The series is in English and in some cases the articles are translated into Chinese.

Ecoinnovation projects and cases
Examples of ecoinnovation of project results within the topics; Water, climate adaptation, circular economy and recycling of waste, cleaner air, less noise, fewer hazardous chemicals, the industry’s environmental performance and ecological and sustainable construction.

For more information on the Danish results refer to the Danish site, where you can find lists of all projects that have been granted support throughout the existence of the Danish Eco-Innovation Program (in Danish).


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